Brenda Edwards




Art is All

Brenda Edwards earned a degree in Fine Art from ASU in 1981,  and for many years post college, worked very hard at establishing an art career; showing in national and local competitions, winning awards, teaching art classes and mounting a number of one woman exhibitions. Ultimately feeling very isolated in the studio (at that time there was no internet, or social media), she turned her talents to a more collaborative art form by auditioning and winning a role in a local play. From there she spent the next 15 years acting and writing for local theatres, winning awards in both disciplines. But she kept a hand in the visual arts by working in Marketing and Graphic Design professionally.

Moving to a home near South Mountain Park turned out to be the perfect setting for her passions of hiking and photography. Building a studio addition onto the home, featuring great lighting and a view of South Mountain,  helped her to rediscover her love of painting. In July of 2012, she had her first art exhibition in many years at My Wine Cellar, which is a local wine bar and restaurant in the South Mountain foothills. The show was a resounding success with twelve pieces sold.

Since then she has been in a number of juried exhibitions while showing at various Pita Jungle locations, as well as having solo exhibitions at {9} The Gallery in Phoenix, The Emerson Gallery in Fountain Hills and the ASU Polytech Library in Mesa, AZ.

Much of her work is inspired by the time she spends in the Sonoran Desert with its magical color and light. She considers herself a colorist, with her work derived from personal experiences in light and shadow. She changes perspective as often as she can to remain inspired and have a fresh perspective. A friend has coined her work “Magical Realism”. She likes that.

Artist’s Statement:
I consider everything art. My home, nature, the desert, animals and people…all are works of art. I approach everything as an artist, and take a creative approach to all that I do.

I made a decision to live in Arizona when I was 18 years old. I have never regretted that. I love the color and the light of the Sonoran Desert, and spend a good percentage of my week hiking near my home in South Mountain. In the heat of the summer I am on the mountain at 5AM with my dog- and the coyote, owl, javelina and rattlesnake – whoever shows up. Nature preserves all that is precious to us, and I honor nature with my paintings. Arizona is breathtaking and is the inspiration for many of my paintings. I hope to impart to my audience a unique, smile provoking perspective. A friend of mine coined it “Magical Realism” – I like that.

Accolades and Achievements:
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